Solar Energy Investments

About US

Solar Energy Investments LLC is engaged in projecting, construction and operation of power plants using alternative sources of energy.
The Solar Energy Investments team is composed of highly qualified professionals who have an extensive experience in the renewable energy and power sector. Included in our professional team is our General Council; Karl M. Schmitz III

Our specialists are currently involved in the following tasks:

• Evaluation and effectiveness of alternative energy power plants

• Development of possible projects

• Selection and installation of equipment

• Building and operation of power plants

• Interaction with other entities in the power sector

In 2018 our company constructed a 535 kW solar power plant at Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville, Florida. The annual production in 2019 was 648,087 kWh. The 2020 production is expected to be 720,000 kWh.

A condominium club house in Jacksonville, Florida will soon be solar powered.

The future will see a high end Recreational Vehicle resort in Panama City Beach, Florida be totally solar powered.

Solar Energy Investments

Headquarters: 14603 Beach Blvd. #100, Jacksonville, FL 32250
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